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Our Artist Area with Artist profiles allows you to upload albums, upload and play songs online and share playlists. The definitive artist sharing platform!

      1. Artists can add albums, songs & create playlists
      2. HTML5 video player for iPad, iPhone and mobile devices
      3. Integration with the fan “Member Community

Songs can be played from any of your mobile devices, as well as your desktop or laptop computers.

It's very easy to create your profile and get started in the artist area but you must first become a member of the site. Join here: http://www.signature-tunes.com/entertainment-music-artist-fans-social-networking-community


Tag system

The basic idea behind this system is easy: to allow you to add as many tags as you want in each album or song, for a better classified and tagged collection.

Tags can be added directly from the album, artist or song forms both in front and backend, with a new field that suggests you tags that have been previously inputted into the system to avoid repetition. It is as easy as start typing and hit enter to create a new tag...

Create and share playlists

Your fans can create and store their own playlists picking the songs they want to be in it, to access them again later.

Now every fan browsing your site will be able to create playlists on-the-go, and listen to them on the new Player Module. If the user is registered, the users will be able also to store the playlists permanently, to get back to them the next time they visit your site.

Sharing and Social network Bookmarking

You can share your music content on your social network sites, like Facebook or Twitter or any other site that allows bookmarking and sharing.


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