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Save Your Favourite Playlist


Playlists Signature Tunes provides a handy core feature for fans: Playlists

Now every fan visiting the site and particularly your Artist Area profile will be able to create playlists on-the-go, and listen to them wherever they are in the world! If the fan is registered they will be able also to store the playlists permanently, to get back to them the next time they visit Signature Tunes!

There will be two playlists categories: “My playlists”, which are playlists created by the current user/fan, and “Other playlists”, which are playlists created by all the other users/fans. 
 Under “My playlists”, there are also two kinds of playlists: The first playlist is called “On-the-go”, and it’s the
de facto playlist, that is used to store songs in it when no other playlist has been selected. This playlist is stored on the session, so when the user quits the site, closes the browser or just its session expires, the playlist will return to its initial state, that is, no songs in it.

To save or store a playlist so the user can have access to it in the future, all they have to do is click on “Consolidate playlist” button (). The playlist will be saved with a provisional name (indicating the date and time of its creation). To change the name of the playlist, its description, delete or alter the order of the items in it, users must edit it by clicking’ on “Edit playlist” button ()

To delete a playlist, the user has to click on “Delete playlist” button ()

To make a playlist the current playlist, user must click on “Set playlist as current” ()

Note: if the playlist selected as the current one is by another user, adding items into it will take no effect. To add a song or a video into the current playlist, all the user has to do is click on the button “Add song to current playlist” () or “Add video to current playlist” (). 

Click on a playlist name to see the items in it and its description, written by the author.

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