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Uncover the Best Local Artists No Matter Where You Are on the Globe and Discover Cool New Artist and Groups to Share With Your Friends


Check Out Local Music Scenes

The next best thing to finding a cool new artist, is to find one that you can actually go see live. Signature Tunes will have the most varied collection of local artists and bands on the planet.

Unlimited Mobile Streaming

Compatible with ALL mobile devices.

Never Miss a Release

Follow your favorite artists and be the first to know when they put out new music.
Re-download past purchases
Permanent access to the high-quality download of all your purchases as well as free music!

Discover Amazing New Music

Your music feed shows you the activity of all the artists and fans you follow, and lets you listen to their picks and new releases instantly.

Share Your Impeccable Taste in the Community/Fan Area

You get a beautiful, customizable page that lets you share your Signature Tunes music collection with the world.

Want to find budding new talent and fresh music? Check out Signature Tunes’ enormous community of musicians from virtually every genre of music from every corner of the globe. Discover cool new local bands and music artist to share with your friends!

Signature Tunes has a great search facility for finding songs from a variety of music genres. Searching is easy… Our search facility makes it easy for you to find just what you are looking for. Sit back, listen and select who looks and sounds good…to you.

Find New Music from Hard-Working Musicians Worldwide

With over artists from all over the world joining on a daily basis, Signature Tunes has plenty of music for you to discover.


Thousands of new artists every week
Explore by genre or see what your favorite artists or community friends recommend


Share cool music discoveries on Facebook and Twitter
Recommend and suggest music to your friends and family with email
Share your playlist (and Spotify playlist favorites) with friends in the community

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