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Photos & Videos Documentation

Creating the Photo Album
In the Signature Tunes community, photo albums can only be created from the Frontend of the site. Login to the site and select the Photos menu from the Toolbar.

The page with all of the albums of the members should then be shown. In this example, we are starting fresh so there are no albums. The Create New Album page is displayed and the member can create an album. Click Create Photo Album.

The screen below shows the Options we have for album creation:

Available Options
The Create New Album page allows you to set several, different options. Only the Album Name field is required; however, for better content searchability later, it is best to add a Description of the subjects in the photo and/or the circumstances surrounding the photo as well as the Location of where the photo had been taken. Privacy options are mandatory and the Album will use the ones that are set by default in the Backend privacy settings.

Complete these fields and click Create Album.
After Album Creation
Congratulations!!! The album has been successfully created. The member can the begin Uploading Photos.
on 02/13/2015 by Super User
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Starting the Photo Upload
On an already-created album page, click Upload Photos:

The popup screen will appear, giving you the following Options:

1. Album Name followed by the dropdown box of available photo albums that the user has already created.
   The member can also create the new album from this popup, too.
2. Add Files - Clicking this button will initiate the upload process.
   Add the desired photos and click Start Upload:

After the upload has completed, the popup will remain open, waiting for the next action. The member can either close it and view the album (the page will auto-refresh), or the member can add more photos.
After Uploading
When the popup window for the upload has closed, the page is automatically refreshed, and the page should look similar to the one shown below:
on 02/14/2015 by Super User
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Link Videos from Share Box
Most common and easiest way to link videos from Share Box is on the activity stream on the Frontpage and Profile Page.

1. First, click Videos tab, as shown in the picture below:

2. Share Box will then change into a form to allow you entering the video data:

3. Enter the video link (Youtube, Vimeo etc.).
4. Wait for a moment until the video is fetched.
5. Once the video is ready, the following screen will be presented:

At this point, you can still change the video, select the category, change the custom description, change the privacy settings, or abandon the linking altogether by navigating elsewhere.; however, if you're ready to link the video, click Post.

If all is well you should see a screen similar to the above in the activity stream!
on 02/14/2015 by Super User
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Starting the Video Upload
Go to the any Video-related page and click Add:

The popup window will appear, giving you the option to link or upload a video. Please select Upload Video:

1. Select video file - Navigate to the physical file on your computer and input it here. Alternatively, click Browse and
    an additional popup window to search for file will appear.
2. Title - This field is also mandatory and will be used as a Video Title.
3. Description - Description of video that will be uploaded.
4. Location - If enabled, Video Location field will be displayed.
5. Category - You must select the category where video will be stored.
6. Who can see - Privacy setting for the video.
After the fields are filled properly, click Upload Video and wait for the video to upload. Depending on the video size and your Internet connection, the upload can take anywhere from several seconds to several hours.

After Uploading
Once the upload is finished, the video is stored in the Pending Videos list waiting for the cron job to trigger the FFMPEG conversion:

Once the Video is converted, it will be available to watch by every fan that visits the site:

on 02/14/2015 by Super User
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