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Classified Ads

Stand out from the crowd!
Handy Control Panel
Signature Tunes Classifieds comes with its own easy to use control panel.
Fabulous Design
Our classifieds homepage, listings page and details pages have been perfected with the help of user feedback. Providing a well structered feel to give maximum exposure. Every aspect has been carefully planned, from banner placement to the smallest elements.
Customer Ad Management
Signature Tunes Classifieds provides a personalised dashboard for the website customers, where they can edit, view, renew and even upgrade their listings. There is also a favourites layout so visitors (your potential customer) can view their favourite ads.
Advanced Search
With the advanced search Signature Tunes Classifieds gives site users the ability to search ads by using many different filters, including location, category, price and many more.
Promote Ads
Featured Ads are a great way to drive traffic and bring attention to your listing. All featured (top-ads) ads appear at the top of all other ads is the search results and are featured on different parts of the site.
Custom Locations
Signature Tunes Classifieds allows you to define your items locations, so you can include country, state, city or anything you want, even street or local area! Which can then be displayed on Google maps, with details.
Payment Plugin
Signature Tunes Classified has its own integrated PayPal plugin, so you can upgrade your membership (if required) with the worlds most widely used payment processor. 
on 02/18/2015 by Super User
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Add adverts
So, this section only focus on front-end advert posting. Here we learn about the common input fields available inside the "Post advert" form:
  • Title - Title for your advert.
  • Category - Category in which the advert should be listed. Note: If the selected category has any custom fields, then those fields will get listed below this categories selectlist.
  • Price - Price of the product.
  • Description - Textarea to describe your advert.
  • YouTube video - If you have any Youtube video related to the advert which you are posting, then add your "YouTube video page url" here to promote your product in more better way.
  • Images - Upload up to five (5) mages for your advert using the browse button. 
  • Country - Select the country in where your business is located.
  • Phone number - Add your phone number. So, that the users can contact you regarding your advert.
      • Address - Add your Advert or Business location if necessary (not mandatory). There is also a "Contact Form" on the front-end so that users can send advertisers a message.
      • Region - Select the particular region in where your business is located (if required).
      • Postal Code - Add the exact postalcode of your advert location.Note : Our map section automatically get updated according to your input or selection in address, country, region & postalcode fields. You can also use the marker inside the map and point the exact location if possible.
      • SEF Settings - Here you can add meta keywords for the item as well as a description to optimize your item for search engines.
      • Select Your Membership Plan - Here you can select the membership plan that best suits your requirments.
        • Select Your Classified Ads Membership Plan
      • Terms and conditions - Finally agree to the site owners 'terms & conditions'.
      - That's it. Save the form. You have successfully added an advert.
on 02/18/2015 by Super User
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